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Sewer & Water Line

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Sewer Line Replacement or repair
Over time and depending on the quality of installation, sewer lines can develop a host of problems to include but not limited to: Broken, cracked, offset, off grade or collapsed pipe due to shifting soil, frozen ground, settling and sometimes poor installation. We can accurately pinpoint and fix these problems. This also contributes to leaking joints which allows water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe. It is estimated that at least 10% of all sewage water seeps back into the soil before reaching the local purification plants.  

Your pipes may suffer from blockage due to grease buildup or a foreign object that is restricting or prohibiting proper flow. Pipes can also dislodge, crack and cause root infiltration. This is where tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line system and have damaged the line. This type of invasion by roots can and will contribute to bowed or bellied piping which will hold water and cause sewage to collect in one spot and clog the entire line.

We have all the necessary equipment to clear clogged drains as well as perform video camera inspection of sewer pipes. We have the technology to locate and outline the exact path and depth of your sewer system. We also offer service in water leak detection and water line locating. We detect and repair gas line leaks. We do low flow housing certification for compliance with new low flow fixtures for water conservation and consumption. We also provide a full written report of septic tank inspection letters. We also provide a full sewer line diagnostics and recommendation of installation procedures or repairs. “YOU NAME IT WE DO IT”.

Polybutylene Water Line Replacement or Repair:
Here at Affordable Plumbing and Septic, we suggest replacement of this pipe system rather than repair. However, we also realize that not everyone is able to replace a broken water line immediately. We can work with most customers either through partial financing or through referral to other professional sources. We accept credit cards, checks, cash, money orders or any combination of each.

We only install copper water lines or PEX water line. These are the only two types of material we use in replacing service water lines to homes and most businesses. Some contractors use black poly, PVC, or some other cheap type of piping because it's Georgia State code approved. Because something is code approved does not mean that it's the best thing to use in that particular instance. The Georgia State code simply addresses the minimum standard for a given material to meet in addressing a particular issue. We give our customers material that is above and beyond the minimum code. We give a great warranty to put our customers at ease and a piece of mind.

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