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Water Heater

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At some point it can happen to anyone. Your water heater can go "kaput". What this actually refers to is "technical" plumbing term that means the water heater stops working permanently.

Water heaters are believed to have periodic maintenance, but all too often they are just left to churn away without maintenance and somehow make hot water for us, day in and day out. When they've had enough, they quit, because of rust and deterioration.

Affordable plumbing and Septic is an expert that can fix and replace all models and types of water heater installations. We are able to repair and replace gas, electric and propane water heaters, including code updates and safety upgrades mandated by home inspectors and local codes.

We are also skilled at fitting tankless water heaters and sell emergency water shutoff valves which can keep water damage to a minimum from a ruptured water heater. 

We also carry all the major brands of water heaters in stock, including Rinnai, Rheem, Whirlpool, State, GE, AO Smith, Bradford White and Bosch. We are equipped to give you a full and comprehensive diagnostic and estimate to fix or replace the existing system!

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When do you call Affordable?

When you need to repair or replace a leaking water heater tank right away
When your water heater leak get worse over time and can cause further damage
If you rent your tank, it’s best to phone your service provider
If you own your tank, contact us.
When you water heater goes “kaput”. Contact Us.

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